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Rooftop Cinema

The summer of 2017 marks the five-year anniversary of events organized by the creatives of Budapest Rooftop Cinema. Our weekly movie nights take place on Corvin Plaza’s rooftop terrace. The main goal of BRC is to provide extraordinary cinema experience in an extraordinary setting. We aim to preserve and cultivate the dying concept of outdoor movie theatres; therefore our events take place above the city, under the stars. We show movies on the top of Corvin Plaza, the biggest rooftop cinema in Europe. Our 7-meter-wide screen, and the free popcorn - for those who arrive early - are all parts of the amazing and cultural and community experience we offer, for an audience of 280 people per night.

Besides old classics, that are not shown anywhere else nowadays, we also feature recently debuted releases that are still highly demanded. Ultimately, let’s not forget about pre-premiere movies, shown by us before national debut! Thanks to the concept of wide variety, we were able to share the following movies - among many others - in the course of the previous years: The Basketball Diaries, Mad Max: Fury Road, Forrest Gump, American Beauty, Brazil, The Matrix, Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures. Obviously, the classic pieces and the recent releases of Hungarian movie makers are also close to our hearts. On our last closing event, the movies Kontroll by Nimrod Antal, and Hurok by Isti Madarász were also presented.

These events are not only about the movies, we prefer to look at them as thematic adventures. For that reason, the movies are often accompanied by performances, insider talks, special drink offers, or soundtrack sets. In the last years, BRC not only provided quality entertainment, but made a new community appear: an original audience, brought together not solely by the love for cinematic arts, but the collective experience that comes with enjoying a movie together. The main goal of our events is to create a special atmosphere every time, in which cinema fans are able to chill on the top of the city after a dull summer day. The supportive press, the ever-growing number of our partners, our expanding social media following, and of course, the hundreds of people who return each week all prove our success.

We are determined to keep widening the horizon of movie fans this summer by satisfying all needs, including oldies, and new releases.

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