Pay attention to your health in the Mammut shopping center! Necessary food and raw materials for a healthy lifestyle, as well as advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods which are essential for preventive health care, await visitors wishing to improve their health. We pay special attention to the quality supply of selected bio-products and natural products to bring a life free of toxins within reach for anyone.

Shop of bio-products / Screening tests
Dentist / Dermatology
Pharmacy / Allergology
Fitness / Food supplements

With a particular focus on healthy lifestyle, we combine in one building a wide range of services of several different health and wellness centers in a unique way.

The CentrumLAB equipped with world-class high-tech receives its visitors for blood tests and other diagnostic tests without waiting and a doctor's referral. Except general laboratory tests, the laboratory offers a wide range of screening test packages in accordance with age, gender and diseases..

For the lovers of natural therapies the Ayurveda Healing Center (Ayurveda Gyógyközpont) diagnoses and cures the chronic dieasess of our time with the help of ayurveda medicine's thousands of years of tradition supplemented by the teaching of other ancient healing schools.

The Pain Center (Fájdalomközpont) as a center of active pain relief is intended to effiiciently and timely ease musculoskeletal, soft tissue and bone pains, bearing in mind also the treatment of the underlying disease.

The Center for Thrombosis (Trombózisközpont) that has been established in Hungary as a single initiative, answers in a private clinic environment all the questions concerning thrombosis, blood coagulation and haemophilia.

Not least, outstanding top experts of the Endocrinal Center (Endokrinközpont) of Buda contribute to the investigation and treatment of endocrinological diseases, those of the hormonal system, the diabetes and the pituitary.

Remember, a screening test carried out at an appropriate time can save lives! Just a few minutes of your time!

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