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Do you know @APIVITA innovative natural cosmetics?

Name at least 3 of them in a comment under the game call post on MAMMUT's FACEBOOK page and you can win a 2-piece shower and body wash set!

The Greek @APIVITA has become a worldwide brand not only for the protection of bees and the environment, but also for its consistent and diversified credible responsibility. Did you know that the paper used in their packaging is 10% FSC certified and more than 90% of all materials used are recyclable? And their pouches are made from recycled bottles, contributing to their mission of a sustainable cycle. Look for the full collection in the @UNIPATIKA shop!

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Time of promotion
25-31 July 2022

1 person will be entered into a random draw to win an @APIVITA eco-friendly product duo, which will be available for personal handover in Budapest.

Draw 01.08.2022.

More information and terms&conditions are available here.

Don't Be Plastic - Unipatika

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